About US

What we are and who we serve?

Bright Block Financial is a Cryptocurrency Investment Firm for Civil and Public Servants.

For Example:

  • Teachers
  • Law Enforcement
  • Active and Former Military
  • Rescue Workers
  • Social Workers
  • Public Health and Safety Servants
  • Other job titles that may not be listed, but are considered to be Public and Civil Servants ( Eg: School Bus Drivers, Public Transportation, Court House Staff, Volunteer Coordination Employees, Food Bank Personnel, and etc.)
  • Friends and Family to any of the above listed

Why are we in existence?

Many people want to invest in Cryptocurrencies, but do not have the knowledge to do so. Many are not interested in trading or simply do not have the time to learn how. Also most people do not have large sums of money to put toward these types of investments and do not want to risk the huge fees that are involved in maintaining their funds. Because the majority of Cryptocurrency investment firms require people to have anywhere from 100,000 USD to 1,000,000 USD to even get started. Then require an annual percentage of that amount to “maintain” their accounts. If you do not believe me then take a look at Pantera Capital. They require at least 100,000 USD to invest in their services. Also take a look at Grayscale that requires at least at 2.5 percent in fees.

So let’s say that you actually had that kind of money to invest. Then you would have to pay 2.5 percent of that annually to the firm to “maintain” your account. You would also have to pay on average 5-7 percent of your total profits when you are cashing out of your investment. As you know that could tap into your money very quickly. Especially if you see a 10-100X return on your money. I will go over more of this in my upcoming WHITEPAPER.

But at Bright Block Financial we will allow you to enter the Cryptomarket as low as you want. You can enter at 5 dollars if you want. The only stipulation is that you will have to pay a 21.95 USD monthly “maintenance” fee. This will be a flat fee. It will not increase or decrease according to your profits. We will also only take a 3-4 percent fee when you cash out your investment. This will go into more detail in our upcoming WHITEPAPER.

Now some or you may not even know what Cryptocurrency and Blockchain technology is and do not care! Either way we have some videos below for you to find out more. We also have a FREE E-EBOOK to explain more about Cryptocurrencies. All you need to do is give us your email address in the sidebar. We will also be offering a LIFETIME monthly maintenance fee to those individuals who sign up AND can get 5 others to provide their information by sharing your personalized link that will be sent after you sign up.


We are only starting out so we are currently getting ready to launch out KICKSTARTER Campaign. So not only you will get a FREE E-Book, and a chance for a lifetime discount after we launch. We will also provide updates for this KICKSTARTER campaign and what you could get in exchange for a donation.

Just remember that Cryptocurrency is extremely Volatile so it is a risky investment. So only invest what you are willing to LOSE! On average people usually invest 2 thousand to 8 thousand in Cryptocurrency.