We are currently accepting EVERYONE onto our cryptocurrency platform. We are also offering several affiliate marketing programs.

Pre-Launch Affiliate Program: 

After you sign up on the Pre-Launch page HERE. You can share our site with others and when FIVE people provide their e-mail address. You will then receive a 50% discount of our monthly subscription services for LIFE! Just make sure those individuals provide us with who (First and Last Name) referred them on the sign up page.

Here are some ways that you can take advantage of this program.

  • You can send an E-Mail out to everyone at your work and tell them to put your name in the “Referral Name” section of the sign up page.
  • You can share a link to our site and ask people to sign-up for a really good E-Book over Cryptocurrency.
  • (Take Quiz)
  • (Watch Video)

Post-Launch Affiliate:

Once we have launched our operation we will give everyone who is using our service for a chance to reduce or rid completely their monthly subscription fee. At this time we will only accept public and civil servants. However if you are a friend or family member of someone that already is using our service. We will let you in as well. Thus once you begin to use our service you will be eligible for our referral program. If you can get 5 people to use our service we will give you a 50% discount of your monthly subscription fee. Then if you get 5 more (Total of 10) then we will waive your monthly subscription for or life!

Here are some ways that you can take advantage of this program.

  • You can print out the website, write your name on the printed paper, write a note telling people about cryptocurrencies. Then place them in their personal mail boxes at work. Or leave them in the lounge.
  • You can always share it on social media or send out an email.
  • If you are conducting a meeting show them a few of our videos and provide them the website.