Bright Block Financial team consist of two visionaries with a diverse background from a long time experience in the public education sector to top cyber security and senior VOIP specialist.


” I am really excited to bring something to people that wouldn’t normally be able to be a part of. Especially for those that do a lot for the community. This project will be a great opportunity for those that make sacrifices on a daily basis to help and maintain our society.”

Kim Williamson

CEO and Founder of Bright Block Financial




“Technology is now the driving force in all facets of our daily life. Data drives everything. It is literally embedded into every element of how we operate as humans. It’s very exciting to be a part of that data flow and enable the devices and applications that allow us to be better at the things we do and to accomplish goals that were unobtainable previously.”

Joshua Williamson

Director of Technology and Cyber Security

We are united by a desire to help people who help people!